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What People Are Saying

Michael Call, this incredible chef, is a gift to any party planner!  There are always so many details and so little time, right?  This is when everyone needs Chef Call--he listens to me, he works with my budget, his bounteous, quality food looks and tastes fabulous, and he is pleasant to work with.  

Call the Caterer for Culinary Quality! 


M. Watson

Sandy, UT

We have known Michael Call for 14 years. In that time we have been to numerous functions when he has catered the dinner. On one occasion he served Prime Rib which was very flavorful. The spices that he use on the meat really enhanced the flavor of the meat. At another function he served brussel sprouts which I do not normally like but I tried it and really liked. The way he prepared them and the sauce that was on the brussel sprouts made them delicious.



P. DeLaricheliere

Henderson, NV

When I have needed a meal to captivate friends and influence business associates, I have always relied on Call the Caterer to provide that extra special touch, taste and courtesy for dishes, including prime rib (fantastic), lobster, shrimp, fish of all kinds, pasta salads, mixed salads, Caesar salads and any number of specialty dishes. His food is to die for.  Call the Caterer and you will not disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   


V. Jensen 

Salt Lake City, UT

Yet another successful meal!!  The 40 fresh baby lobster tails were cooked to perfection and I never knew how great a lobster could taste until eating those - prepared on time too.  Even my children who had never dared to eat lobster before tried them and now love them too.  We will definitely have to do that again!  It was the perfect way to celebrate our family reunion.  You prepared it all with a smile and made everyone feel so comfortable.  You are an asset to any gathering with your pleasant demeanor.  Look forward to the next event!



K. Brasher

Edmond, OK

I have attended scores of wedding receptions over the years.  The food at each had its own personality.  I’ve had caterers at my own events.  All were good, some better than others.  But I can look back at specific events that I believe outperformed the others—Call the Caterer.  I’ve enjoyed Call the Caterer’s services at weddings, at a student breakfast, and at church events.  Considering the diversity of these venues, I believe I can say without reservation that there are few who could perform so well, under such different circumstances.  Each was well planned and executed, and in the case of the wedding, seemed to be delicious food displayed and presented in clever and creative ways that I’d never experienced. Each added to the enjoyment of the food, and the ambience of the event. Some people do what they do, some people like what they do, but a few have real passion for their work.  So it is with Call the Caterer.  Call him. You’ll be glad you did. 





D. Gates

Henderson, NV

Michael Call has an amazing knack for preparing food. I have eaten at several of his catered functions and each time have been so impressed with the presentation and delicious taste of the many unique foods he prepares. He is a professional in every sense of the word and is so easy to work with. I especially love his friendly charm and his obvious passion for cooking.

                                                                                                     N. Peterson

                                                                                                     Mapleton, UT 

I have been to several events where Michael Call has been the caterer. Whether the attendance was 500 or 50, the participants were never disappointed. Being health-conscious, I always appreciated the seafood and salad choices. Among my favorites were Salmon with a Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc Sauce and Tilapia with a Veracruz Sauce, and the variety of fresh green and pasta salads. Food always brings people together but Michael’s recipes seem to bring the best out of people!



L. Stryker

Henderson, NV

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